About The CAO

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How We Do It

Founded in 2002, the CAO remains committed to its original mandate of “Coaches Helping Coaches”

Coaching Ethically and Safely

The CAO is committed to ensuring coaches coach ethically and safely across all sports at all levels. Through awareness and education, incidents of misconduct can be reduced and ethical coaches can protect our inclusive communities.

A Voice for Coaches

The CAO is an independent, not-for-profit organization providing representation and recognition for coaches in all contexts of sport and recreation. This association is “coach-led” and  a leader in the sport community  for all coaches in all sports.

Training and Development Opportunities

Every coach brings their own experience to the training and competition environment.  CAO fosters lifelong learning by providing training and development.  The CAO brings coaches together to network and share expertise on coaching.

Coach Services

Coaches receive information about the coaching tools, sport research, education subsidies, programs, and more. Coaches always have a HUB for support services and a voice to ensure they get the support and services they need.


Who We Work With

Supporting Partners

The CAO acknowledges the generous support from its partners for its programs and to the benefit of Ontario Coaches.


The Ontario Government provides direct support to delivery of the NCCP Coach Education program and Enhanced Coaching Funds through Quest for Gold.

The Federal Government is a supporting partner through Sport Canada.


In 2002, the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) provided a 5-Year grant for CAO to get its initial programs onto a solid foundation. The OTF grant to the CAO allowed for a stable operational start-up.

Collaborative Partners

The CAO works closely with its national and provincial/territorial partners on Coach Education and the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). The CAC sets the national standard for the NCCP curriculum while CAO and the Ontario PSOs act as the delivery arm.