Getting your NCCP#

Getting your NCCP#

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the tab called The Locker
  3. Click on “Don’t have an account? Create one now!”
  4. Check the box “I agree”
  5. Check the box “I want to create a Locker account for access to my transcript, eLearning opportunities, to sign up for coaching events, and more!” – Fill in your info – Click Register
  6. Login to your email account and open the verification email that was sent to you
  7. Click on the “click here” at the very end of the email
  8. Create a password
  9. Click submit
  10. Click on the Icon “Profile”
  11. In the left hand corner of your screen under your name is your NCCP#

Check your NCCP Transcript


Connect with Coaching in Ontario

The Coaches Association of Ontario provides resources, education, development, support, and recognition for coaches of all sports. The CAO hosts an annual coaches conference, provincial coaching awards, coach funding and mentorship programs, and other coach relative initiatives. The CAO delivers all NCCP multisport theory coaching modules within the province.


History of the NCCP

Over the last forty years, coaching in Canada has been developed jointly by the federal and provincial governments through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). This coaching education program is developed and delivered through a partnership of the federal, provincial and territorial governments, the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and the National Sport Organizations (NSOs). To date, over 1 million coaches have participated Canada-wide (and approximately 35% or over 300,000 of those coaches are from Ontario).


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