Coach Developers

NCCP Coach Developers are directly responsible for the development of coaches and need to be experts in learning as well as experts in coaching. They include: Learning Facilitators, Coach Evaluators, and Master Coach Developers.

The NCCP now has a simple and universal 4-step process for becoming a Coach Developer:

Core Training provides a general knowledge foundation while Content-specific Training allows candidates to become familiar with workshop materials and the delivery of content for either multi-sport workshops or sport-specific workshops. Co-delivery provides an opportunity for candidates to work with a senior coach developer in delivering a course and finally, a successful evaluation of a candidate’s independent delivery will lead to certification.

Every NCCP workshop is led by a trained Learning Facilitator who has undergone a standardized training process. Learning Facilitators are crucial to the development of skilled, knowledgeable coaches and through those coaches, athletes/participants are safer, happier and more successful.

The goal of a Learning Facilitator is to effectively facilitate sessions that result in the development of coaches who are able to demonstrate their abilities and meet the standards established for certification. A Learning Facilitator should have the appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes to facilitate workshops using the competency-based approach. In addition, they serve as contributing members of the community and ambassadors for the NCCP.


How to Become A Learning Facilitator. Learning Facilitator selection is based on geographic needs, context demand and capacity need.

To become a multi-sport NCCP Learning Facilitator in Ontario download and review the PDF's below and follow the CAO Application Process.

Application Process