Fundamental Movement Skills


Help build the fundamentals of physical activity!

In developing and teaching a child, we break down simple skills into key components to help the child learn and understand. Given the opportunity to learn a wide range of physical skills, children acquire the basic building blocks for the competence, confidence and motivation to try many physical activities and sports.

Fundamental movement skills are very important to a child’s physical development. When confident and competent in these skills, children can develop sport-specific and complex movement skills.

These skills allow children to enjoy sports and physical activities. Most importantly, with a firm grasp of the fundamental movement skills, a child may enjoy a long life of physical activity.

Learn to improve the fundamental movement skills in participants through the NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills Workshop, presented by TeamSnap! To enroll in this NCCP multi-sport coaching module, contact or (416) 426-7086.

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  • This course is worth 5 PD points

To meet the Government of Ontario’s strategy of getting kids active, the Government of Ontario is supporting this workshop in communities and programs across the province. The course includes manual/resources , 4-8 hours of training and accreditation in the National Coaching Certification Program.

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