NCCP Performance Planning

Suitable for Competition CoachesNCCP English Only

Course length: 13.5 hrs
PD Points: 5

This module is a perfect next-step after the NCCP Design a Basic Sport Program module. It is recommended that the NCCP Performance Planning module be taken before the NCCP Advanced Practice Planning module.

After completing the NCCP Performance Planning module, you will be able to:

  • perform a thorough analysis of the demands of your athletes’ sport at the elite (high-performance) level;
  • outline a program structure based on training and competition opportunities;
  • identify appropriate measures for promoting athlete development within your own program;
  • integrate yearly training priorities into your own program;
  • organize and sequence training priorities and objectives on a weekly basis to optimize adaptations; and
  • evaluate the ability of your athletes/team to perform up to their potential in competition.

INCLUDES: approximately 2-hour pre-workshop session

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