Apprentice Program

*Please note, applications for 2019-20 Apprentice Camps are now full. You can submit your application below to join the wait-list. 

This program provides financial support for training and development of coaches through Apprentice/Mentor Partnerships. The goal is to develop more coaches to work with elite and high performance athletes in Ontario.

Apprentice Camps

The Apprenticeship Program is an opportunity for a number of Apprentice Coaches to interact directly with a variety of mentor coaches in a concentrated group at a high performance competition event. The aim of this program is for PSOs to educate coaches using the competition setting with an intense and structured mentorship program that takes place in Ontario.

  1. Funds: Up to $5,000 per program
  2. Apprenticeship Structure Ratio: Minimum 2 Apprentices: 1 Mentor; Maximum 10 Apprentices: 1 Mentor
  3. Time Period: 1 Year: April 1 to March 31 (12 months)
  4. Who is Eligible: All Apprentice coaches must be from Ontario. Mentor/Master coaches have no restrictions