NCCP Super Clinic

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Canada Basketball Super Clinic in Markham

May 15-17, 2020

The Coaches Association of Ontario has partnered with Canada Basketball to run NCCP Competition Introduction and Competition Development workshops!

Saturday May 16, 2020

NCCP Prevention and Recovery of Injury
9:00am – 5:00pm – $89 Receive   60% off   with the Quest for Gold Coach Bursary. Apply HERE.

After taking NCCP Prevention and Recovery you will have the knowledge needed to identify common injuries in your sport and develop appropriate prevention and recovery strategies to keep your athletes injury-free during training and competition. Offer valuable information and guidance on hydration, nutrition and sleep as they relate to injury prevention. Choose skills and drills that help athletes perform appropriate warm-ups and cool-downs. Develop functional evaluations for an athlete’s return to play. Implement recovery and regeneration techniques to help an athlete maintain or return to optimal performance post injury.

NCCP Coaching and Leading Effectively
8:30am – 6:30pm – $109 Receive   60% off   with the Quest for Gold Coach Bursary. Apply HERE.

After taking this module you will be able to: Promote a positive image of sport, and model it to athletes and those supporting their performance. Deliver clear messages and explanations when communicating with athletes and their supporters. Identify opportunities to interact with all athletes and use feedback to improve and correct performance and behaviour.

NCCP Leading Drug Free Sport
8:30am – 12:30pm – $69 – Receive   60% off   with the Quest for Gold Coach Bursary. Apply HERE.

After taking this module you will be able to fully understand and explain the consequences of using banned substances in sport. This workshop will encourage athletes to safeguard their sport values and take greater responsibility for their personal actions, while educating athletes about drug-testing protocols at major competitions.

NCCP Managing Conflict
1:00pm – 6:00pm – $79 – Receive   60% off   with the Quest for Gold Coach Bursary. Apply HERE.

The Managing Conflict module will allow you to identify common sources of conflict in sport and important skills that will help you prevent and solve conflict resulting from misinformation, miscommunication or misunderstanding. This workshop will also help you determine which individuals or groups are most likely to find themselves in situations involving conflict and develop skills that will empower you to listen and speak effectively in conflict situations.

Sunday May 17, 2020

NCCP Developing Athletic Abilities 
8:30am – 5:00pm – $99 – Receive  60% off   with the Quest for Gold Coach Bursary. Apply HERE.

After taking this module you will be able to to implement general and sport-specific training protocols and methods to effectively develop or maintain the athletic abilities necessary for your sport. You will learn how to apply training principles and variables to training methods that build fitness, endurance, strength, speed and sport-specific conditioning and able to select and adapt testing and training protocols and methods for athletes training from 6 – 9 to 9 – 12 times per week.
You MUST bring in a charged laptop to the course with you. You will be sent an Excel file that MUST be downloaded before you arrive onto your computer a week prior to the course.

NCCP Advanced Practice Planning
9:00am – 2:00pm – $79 – Receive   60% off   with the Quest for Gold Coach Bursary. Apply HERE.

This module is a great follow-up to the Planning a Practice module. It is highly recommended that the Performance Planning module be taken before Advanced Practice Planning.

After completing the Advanced Practice Planning module, you will be able to: identify the factors that affect practice planning, ensure that practice plans are consistent with the microcycles and phases of which they are part, sequence exercises in a practice so that their order is consistent with the research on sequencing, develop a plan for training athletic abilities over a microcycle, develop a plan for training technical and tactical abilities over a microcycle and, develop a plan for a microcycle that helps athletes taper before a competition.

NCCP Psychology of Performance
9:00am – 4:30pm – $89 – Receive   60% off   with the Quest for Gold Coach Bursary. Apply HERE.

Completing NCCP Psychology of Performance will allow you to: help athletes learn to manage distractions and use visualization techniques to prepare themselves technically and tactically for training and competition. Learn how to work with athletes or teams to identify performance and process goals related to their ability to focus on performance. Learn debriefing skills that can be used to help athletes assess their performance in both training and competition.

NCCP Make Ethical Decisions
9:00am – 1:00pm

By successfully completing the Make Ethical Decisions workshop you will be fully equipped to handle virtually any ethical situation with confidence and surety. MED is one of the NCCP’s cornerstone workshops, and leaves coaches with no doubt as to what to do when the going gets tough.

You MUST bring in a charged laptop to the course with you. You will be sent the fillable PDF  workbook prior to the start of the course. Please download the workbook prior to the workshop. Also, please make sure you arrive with a fully charged device. 


*Coaches must be 16 or older to access NCCP multi-sport training in Ontario.*

We have partnered with Canada Basketball to run NCCP Multisport workshops during the Canada Basketball Super Clinic. For more information on Basketball sport-specific workshops, please click here. Every registration gets you a complimentary ticket to Canada Basketball Keynote Presenter series and Chalk Talk Series on Friday May 15, 2020 and Saturday May 16, 2020. You must select that you would like a complimentary ticket in the registration form to receive this ticket.

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